The Popularity of the Half-Marathon

The Half-Marathon’s Popularity many runners have heard the the half-marathon is the most popular running race distance. The rising popularity of the half-marathon distance is understandable as many see the distance as a challenge and feel…

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Runners Using the Bathroom

Tips and Stories for Runners Using The Bathroom on Race Day Whether it is your first or one hundredth race you probably have a system to prepare yourself for the day. The development of this system…

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5 Tips for Scheduling Your Races

Whether you just made your new years resolution to finish a 5k, 10k, or Marathon, or you have been running races for years; choosing which races to run, and finalizing your race schedule can be a daunting, and time consuming task.

runners in a city

5 Tips For Running a Race In a New City

If you have been into running for a while, or if you have run a few marathons, chances are you have taken a look at some races you would have to travel for. Many runners have run races in cities that they are unfamiliar with. It can have its own set of challenges.

It is hard to know what to do after a marathon. Follow these 5 guidelines to give your body the rest it needs and maintain your fitness.

5 Tips for Recovering after a Marathon

Alas, it seems, another fall marathon season is in the books. Anyone who has ever poured extensive effort into training and mentally preparing for a race for months knows that the feeling afterwards is somewhat bitter sweet.

44 years of New York

The New York Marathon is the biggest marathon in the world in terms of population, and arguably prestige. When you talk to runners you especially runners from the United States, you may hear a mix of opinions on which marathon is the best. However, a safe bet could be place on either Boston, or New York as the favorite (rivals in baseball, rivals in the Marathon.)