How to Run a Marathon For Beginners – Infographic

an infographic mapping out how to run a marathon

How to Run a Marathon – Infographic

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An infographic that shows the steps to running your first marathon


Running a marathon is something that is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. However, the hardest part of running one, generally, is knowing how to run a marathon, or rather, where to start. Unless you want to run a marathon like Barney Stinson, make sure to take a few pre-requisites before hopping into the upper division class that is the marathon.

Races Leading up to a Marathon

As you can see, the infographic above covers, mostly, what other races you need to do leading up to a half-marathon. This is a very important aspect of completing your marathon. For your own sake, you will want to be confident that you can complete any distance shorter than a marathon. Generally speaking, most of the steps you will need to take fall into one of three categories: research, race selection, and training. The process is fairly simple really:
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Get The Right Gear

Head to your local running store and get some shoes, socks and moisture wicking clothing

Find a 10K

Use a website like RunningUsa, RRM, or  Runners On The Go to find a 10K near you. Runners On The Go also has a membership that can help you save money on your race registrations and running gear. You can try it out for free here.

Get a Training Plan

Use a Service like Mcmillan Running, or Runners Connect to get a training plan for beginners, or read some articles about training for a 10K

Finish the 10K

Use your new fitness to fly through your 10K

Find a Half-Marathon

Use the same website you used to find a 10K, and find a half-marathon that fits into your schedule

Modify Your Training

Focus on upping your weekly mileage by about 10% per week, try and get a 10 mile long run about 3 weeks before the race

Finish the Half-Marathon

Stay relaxed and have fun. Practice Hydrating, and staying positive

Pick Your Marathon

Find a Marathon that will fit your style and your needs.  You will also need to tweak your training again. The primary difference in half-marathon and marathon training is that the long run becomes much more important when you are training for a marathon.

Achieve Your Goal

Stick with it! Adjust your training again. Focus on the long run and perservere. The training gets tough, but it is so worth it when you cross the finish line!


If you follow your training and race plan and give yourself plenty of time to build up, you should be able to run a marathon. Of course, it will not be easy, but it is certainly doable. Once you have completed the race, you will want to maintain your fitness, but recovery is key. Do some research on recovering after a marathon, then start planning your next race!

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