The Popularity of the Half-Marathon

The Half-Marathon’s Popularity

many runners have heard the the half-marathon is the most popular running race distance. The rising popularity of the half-marathon distance is understandable as many see the distance as a challenge and feel a greater sense of accomplishment than they would in a 5k or 10k, but avoid the time commitment necessary to complete a marathon.

This infographic contains some very interesting statistics on the half-marathon’s popularity in 2012. It is true that mud runs, foam runs, themed runs, and obstacle course racing have stolen some of the 13.1 distance’s thunder, the half-marathon is still on the rise. What do you think? Any of these statistic surprise you? Inspired you? Are you thinking about running a half-marathon this year? Let us know what you think in the comments and on social media. If you are looking for some motivation you can check out our website and find hundreds of half-marathons by city and state, and you can’t even get discounts!

Half-marathon popularity - infographic that illustrates the popularity of the half-marathon in 2012

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