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Have you ever finished a race and realize you could have given more? Or finished and realized you were having so much fun, you wish you could just keep going? Whether from finishing a race with more in the tank, or finishing in the middle of a good runner’s high, I think every runner has had the thought, “let’s do it again.”

Ok . . . Maybe not every runner. Maybe not even most runners; but if that has ever been you then this article about double road racing may be worth a few minutes.

The concept of two competitions in a 24-hour period with a break in between creates a different way to race.

When Tina Kefalas, just four months removed from the 2012 Olympic marathon, where she competed for Greece, went looking for a Bay Area race to serve as a pre-Christmas time trial workout, she had no idea she would be a world-record holder before noon.

She found something called the Double Road Race in Pleasanton, California, drove across the San Francisco Bay from Hillsborough and entered.

Turns out, Kefalas had stumbled across the world premiere of Bob Anderson’s latest brainstorm—a 10K, followed by a 5K, with a Recovery Zone period in between. “Running with a halftime,” Anderson calls it.

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